I’m a rocket scientologist.


Some technologies, free software, free hardware or other projects I work on (alphabetically):

  • Cryptoaddresses – from long and random to short and memorable identifiers
  • Free dictionaries – currently a free English-Czech dictionary (more languages to come)
  • Inkjet Printer – a real free DIY inkjet printer
  • Tuxánci – an old game of fighting tuxes
  • WrapSix – a NAT64 gateway
  • Other pages

  • Git repositories (if you don’t seem to be able to access them, check whether you’re connected to the real Internet)
  • Noteblog (it’s like a notebook, just as a blog)
  • Research papers
  • Ponies
  • Contact

    Feel free to use some popular communication channels to get in touch with me:

    Last updated: 2024-01-19