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Tuxánci is a Czechoslovak multiplatform action game. In the begining, it was inspired by a Czech game Bulánci (translated as Combat Pillows) which was/is available only for MS Windows and didn’t run under Wine. But since then, Tuxánce went its own way. The game is programmed in C and the rendering core is based on SDL library. You can play two-player game on one computer or a network multiplayer.

People behind

Note: nowadays, there is no one actively developing the game. I’m mostly maintaining this page, IRC channel #tuxanci@irc.libera.chat and am able to guide anyone interested in starting the game development. Unfortunately, I don’t have the free time needed for the development itself.


Git repository

The latest code can be found in our git repo.


There used to be binary builds for Linux, but those are useless nowadays, so I link only source packages and Windows build.

Tuxánci NG

0.21.0 (2008-10-27)
Source code

tuxanci-0.21.0.tar.bz2 (4.4MB)
sha256sum: 82357dd546d6614b4bc76a0b143a211e4475d009cabd48166dae12bb2712f1a8

Mac OS X build

TODO (see my note at the bottom of this page)

Windows build (old version!)

tuxanci-0.20.0.exe (5.1MB)
sha256sum: 171ce7639bfb4907dfadd0e0242a6d91fcdf43c0d4a5f2b6c7524a66ec7f50cc

Tuxánci FG

This is the first development branch that was superseded by NG branch.

Source code

tuxanci-0.18rc2.tar.bz2 (3.0MB)
sha256sum: 4fdd63119219c6656108d760855b2abfd167c05b17e5c6b3cfbeaf6742a95d1a

Windows build

tuxanci-0.18rc2-win32.zip (3.6MB)
sha256sum: 5b111d5a8fac430e85f2978800388d43f6c8eff594dfb65b599c50aca0be729f

Older versions

TODO (see my note at the bottom of this page)

Game servers

Take a look at tuxanci.cz, but your best bet is to run your own game server.

Tuxánci in Czech media

The rest of the links has disappeared in time.

Note: I’m trying to migrate old website tuxanci.org (after the sale of .org TLD, I’m trying to minimise the number of .org domains that I pay). This page is still a work in progress.

Last updated: 2021-08-04